Moving Beyond PSTN – The Big Switch is Coming in 2025 – Time to look into 3CX VoiP Phones

Exciting new developments are on the horizon. The telephone as we know it, is being transformed into an advanced, more efficient, and cost-effective system.

The public switched telephone network (PSTN) has been directing UK phone calls for over a century. Now it’s time to move on to newer, advanced technology.

By the end of 2025 digital technology will replace the outdated existing infrastructure. The system will be switched over to internet protocol (IP) or voice over internet protocol (VOIP). This will allow for broadband and mobile data calls.

Why Replace PSTN and ISDN?

Traditional copper PSTN lines have been the standard since the invention of the telephone. The old technology is expensive and is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Copper is limited by distance and data capacity.

To improve service capacity, BT will be replacing this antiquated technology with efficient, modern fibre optic lines.

Transitioning to VoiP

To move forward with technology, it is necessary to switch over from PSTN and ISDN to voice over internet protocol (VOIP). This means that voice and video calls, as well as internet services, will be transmitted over fibre optic lines.

This change will require updated broadband. Services that currently use copper lines will need to be updated to continue working. These include alarms, EPOS machines, door entry systems, CCTV, and similar systems.

The benefits of VOIP systems have already been realised by many organisations. It is cheaper and more flexible than traditional phone networks.

3CX Offers Incredible Value for Your Business

VOIP for business has two important requirements: affordability and versatility.

With 3CX, a business is not limited to only voice calls, the system offers a range of useful options:

  • Unified communications platform integrating voice, video, chat, and presence features
  • Web conferencing for virtual meetings, webinars, and training sessions
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices for on-the-go communication
  • CRM integration with popular systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Advanced call routing based on time of day, caller ID, and department
  • Call recording for training, compliance, and dispute resolution purposes

This is a cost-effective solution. Infrastructure costs are minimal and multiple features are incorporated into one platform. These include voice, video, and messaging services.

Keeping things simple improves efficiency. There is no need to use multiple service providers. By using 3CX, when it’s possible to deal with one company. This means a single contract, with only one bill to pay. Your organisation will be dealing with one support team that understands your needs.

Improved, Personalised support helps your business get the most from your service provider.

We can identify issues faster. You don’t have to contact multiple providers to resolve a problem and your feedback has a much greater impact on the service that we provide to your business.

To summarise the immense benefits that 3CX can offer your business we can identify several important points:

  • A cost-effective solution.
  • Improved IT support.
  • Boosted security.
  • High-quality services, adapted to your individual needs.

Find out more about 3CX VoiP Phone services here

How Will Your Business Benefit from Using 3CX: Explore with AMJ – IT Services?

By partnering with AMJ, 3CX can provide unrivalled customer support. Consolidating all your communications with 3CX means that we can offer a streamlined solution for business.

As a business owner, your primary objective is managing and growing your business. By allowing 3CX to take care of all communication needs, you have the time to focus on more important matters.

With us on your side, communication and IT services are simplified and enhance the power of your business. You have the tools to achieve even greater success.

AMJ and 3CX have helped organisations across the UK realise their full potential. You too can be part of this digital revolution, with advanced VOIP solutions. Contact us to find out more.

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