Backup Office 365 – Why your organisation needs it


Cloud Backup Office 365  has many advantages and is widely used across all sectors. But it does have one significant disadvantage. Office 365 has no native recovery and backup system. You might be tempted to think that this isn’t a big deal, but there are a number of reasons why backing up your business data is vital to the viability and success of your organisation.

Legal Obligations


Most organisations are obliged to adhere to strict legal requirements when it comes to preserving electronic data. Failure to fulfil your obligations can lead to fines or other legal complications that could harm your business and make it harder to function.


There is a variety of laws and regulations that will apply in this area, depending on what your business does and how it operates. A good example is the Companies Act of 1985. This piece of law requires each business to maintain records on their business transactions that can be scrutinised by the relevant authorities at any time, which means backing up your data is essential. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) introduced across Europe in 2018 also places stringent obligations on all organisations and businesses to safeguard data and Backup Office 365 is a first step towards compliance. For more information on IT Security and GDPR check our latest article.

Damage or Loss


No one wants to be faced with the nightmare situation of losing business data, but unfortunately, this will happen from time to time. Whether it is the accidental deletion of a vital email or a system error that affects an entire mailbox, losing business data can be stressful and damage your business.


By keeping backup copies of all of your email communications, along with contacts and calendar items, you can avoid the delays and disruption caused by a loss of your business data. By making sure that all of your data eggs are not in one basket, you can protect the information that is essential to the smooth running of your business by putting in place a secure cloud backup office 365 solution.

How to Safeguard Office 365 Data with a Cloud to Cloud Backup Office 365 Solution


The good news is that there are options available for you to safeguard your Office 365 data, including two native features. Deleted Office 365 items are removed to the Recoverable Items folder, from where they can be restored, although they will only be available for a few days. Some Office 365 plans include a feature called Litigation Hold. This enables you to put a mailbox on hold, which will preserve the data it contains. It is important to note that if you turn this feature off, the data in that mailbox will then be permanently removed, and not all Office 365 plans include Litigation Hold.


Another option for managing your Office 365 backups is through the use of a specialised third-party tool like the AMJ IT Cloud backup for Office 365. This is a form of cloud to cloud back up that gives you complete control over all of your vital business data. It also offers physical access to backed-up information that is stored locally, whenever you need it, facilitating the efficient restoring of lost items to your Office 365 platform.

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