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AMJ  IT Cyber Smart Managed Services

The threat of cyber-attack is a constant and no modern business can afford to overlook it. But awareness alone is not enough. Many business owners know that cybersecurity is something they should be focusing on, particularly in the light of the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, but aren’t sure how to go about it, and need answers to key questions, such as:

• How do I safeguard my business against attack?
• How can I minimise the risk of business data breaches?
• How can I optimise my IT network for GDPR?
• How do I demonstrate to my customers that we take IT security seriously?

For businesses that are committed to protecting their network and business data, and to demonstrating their cybersecurity commitment, AMJ UK provides CyberSmart: a single platform, fully managed cyber security service that enables your business to gain and maintain Cyber Essentials certification.

What is Cyber Essentials


Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is an industry scheme created by the UK government in 2014. It is designed to help businesses of all sizes protect themselves from cyber attack and is backed by a number of important bodies, including the CBI and the Federation of Small Businesses.

Any business that works with public organisations or bids for government contracts must have Cyber Essentials certification, and all businesses are encouraged to attain it, to ensure compliance with online security standards, reassure customers and meet GDPR obligations.

What does Cyber Essentials cover


The Cyber Essentials scheme deals with five essential cyber threat mitigation strategies that according to the UK Government, could prevent up to 80% of cyber attacks:

Firewalls and Internet Gateway

Prevent unauthorised access using private networks.

Secure Configuration

Ensuring that IT systems are set up as securely as possible.

Access Control

Making sure all employee IT access is at the appropriate level.

Malware Protection

Installing and updating virus and malware protection.

Patch Management

Ensuring all IT applications are fully up to date.

Benefits of Cyber Essentials

There are also many business advantages to gaining Cyber Essentials certification beyond the obvious benefits of protecting your vital business data:


Increased Trust and reliability

Demonstrating your commitment to protecting your own data and those of your suppliers and customers will help to secure your supply chain.

Cyber Essentials certification can also be a boost to a business’s reputation and can help you to attract new business and contacts


Increased Trust

Demonstrating your commitment to protecting your own data and those of your suppliers and customers will help to secure your supply chain.


Business Efficiency

Knowing that you are protected from most cyber threats will enable you to focus on your central goals and objectives, thus improving business efficiency.


Government Standard

Working for certification will give you a chance to work with the UK government.


Insurance Premium Support

Can potentially reduce your cyber insurance premiums.

Helping you all the way with AMJ IT CyberSmart Managed Services

As an experienced IT Support London and IT Support Kent business, we have used our expertise to develop a comprehensive managed service that can help you to attain Cyber Essentials certification as quickly as possible, through the following steps:

Step 1: Identify

By scanning for vulnerabilities, you can quickly identify all aspects of your organisation’s IT infrastructure which are not in compliance with Cyber Essentials.

Step 2: Fix

Using a list of devices and their associated compliance issues, the IT administrator is able to see the problems clearly and identify the necessary actions.

Step 3: Certify

Gaining Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates to clients, suppliers and other business partners that you take data protection seriously, building trust and limiting liability.

Step 4: Protect

Data security is an ongoing process. Our service provides real-time threat data and security updates, annual support and £25,000 of free cybersecurity insurance.

Why use AMJ IT Cyber Smart Managed Services?

We are experts in providing cutting-edge protection against cyber attack. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you protect your business, and benefit from the range of useful features that come with our Cyber Smart Managed Service:

• The platform is online, so there’s no need for manual lists or documents
• The certification process is handled fully by our expert team
• Provides you with a comprehensive list of changes to secure certification
• Guaranteed to help you gain Cyber Essentials certification
• Handy notification facility for recording access and approval of GDPR policies
• Ongoing monitoring, including endpoint scanning that checks for OS updates, antivirus updates, patches, user rights, secure configuration updates and more.
• Includes £25,000 of free cybersecurity insurance.

Looking to Cyber Essentials Certification for your Business?