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Advanced Email Protection

Flexible and Comprehensive Email Cyber-Security Solutions for Businesses

To protect your business from complex cyber-threats including ransomware, account take-over or data breach, AMJ IT can support your business by putting in place comprehensive protection solutions.

Spam, Malware, and Advanced Threat Protection

Our solutions identify and block spam, viruses, and malware delivered via email messages. It uses virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other techniques to scan email messages and file.


Advanced Threat Protection

The Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)  automatically scans email attachments in real-time; suspicious attachments are detonated in a sandbox environment to observe behaviour. 

Malware Protection

It leverages the cloud for dynamic, real-time threat analysis, attachment sandboxing, and URL protection, to prevent malware from affecting email users.

Link Protection

A popular method that attackers use to deliver malware relies on URLs that contain malicious code, which can be invisibly downloaded and can trigger a much larger attack. Link Protection automatically rewrites these URLs so that it can sandbox the request at click time to block malicious links. 

Email Continuity

This ensures that email operations continue by failing over to a cloud-based email service in the event primary email services become unavailable. During email server outages, an emergency mailbox allows users to continue sending, receiving, reading, and responding to email.

Email Encryption

Our solution offers an encryption service that secures your mail by encrypting it during transport to the Message Center, encrypting it at rest for storage in the cloud, and providing secure retrieval by your recipients through HTTPS Web access. Data in motion is secured via Transport Layer Security (TLS) and data at rest is secured via AES 256-bit encryption.

If you are sending a sensitive email, you can manually mark it for encryption. However, you can also create a policy to automatically encrypt emails based on their sender, content and other criteria. Encryption policies ensure that your organization complies with regulations designed to protect customer data, such as HIPAA.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Hosting business data in the cloud does not mitigate the need for backup and recovery. Emails and important documents are susceptible to corruption and risk being unrecoverable due to malicious attacks or accidental deletion.

AMJ IT offers comprehensive and advanced Cloud to Cloud backup solutions including O365 Cloud Backup & Google Workspace and SalesForce backup by backing up all data to the Cloud.

Impersonation Protection

AMJ IT offers advanced solutions utilising AI and advanced technology to automatically detect and prevent impersonation, business email compromise, and other targeted attacks.


Prevent Spear Phishing

Our solutions can automatically detect and prevent spear-phishing attacks that evade traditional email security systems by learning organisations’ unique communication patterns and identifying anomalies and quarantine spear-phishing attacks in real time.

Prevent BEC and CEO Fraud

Our solutions automatically quarantines business email compromise attacks by detecting anomalies in the email header and the content of the email. The AI does not require any manual rules or user setup and can detect any type of BEC attack automatically from day one.

Detect employee impersonation

Any type of employee impersonation, including impersonation of executives, as well as mid- and low-level employees can be detected. This includes spoofed emails, typosquatted domains, and impersonation emails sent from free or personal email clients.

Continuous learning and advanced reporting

Users can report false positives and missed attacks to the system, then used to retrain the AI classifiers to continuously improve its precision and adapt its detection capabilities. Advanced reporting is also available to analyse threats behaviours and protection achievements.

Account Takeover Protection

Our solutions use AI and advanced technology to stop phishing attacks used to harvest credentials for account takeover by detecting anomalous email behaviour, alerting IT, then finding and removing all fraud emails sent from compromised accounts.


Detect Suspicious Login

Suspicious logins can be detected by tracking IPs that exhibit suspicious behaviour, such as failed sign-ins, and by sharing intelligence across all users and accounts. It also tracks each user’s access patterns and alert IT administrators when unusual sign-in activity is identified such as from an unusual device or geography.

Alerting for Account Takeover

By detecting anomalies in internal employee communications, our solutions can automatically detect when employee accounts become compromised and send malicious emails to internal and external recipients allowing immediate action and threat remediation. 

Prevent Account takeover infiltration

Our solutions automatically quarantines phishing emails that allow attackers to steal employee credentials and can lead to account takeovers.

Detect compromised emails

Compromised account where malicous emails were sent from can be flagged and reported for immediate remediation.

Domain Fraud Protection

Our advanced solutions prevent email domain fraud with DMARC reporting and analysis by providing granular visibility and analysis of DMARC reports, minimising false positives, protecting legitimate email, and preventing spoofing.


Prevent third party domain spoofing

Our solutions prevent third parties from maliciously spoofing domains. It leverages DMARC to gain visibility into legitimate and non-legitimate emails being sent with a particular domain and enables customers to make sure their legitimate emails are delivered correctly while blocking the malicious senders.

Automated DMARC Reporting

DMARC logs reports are automatically gathered, analysed, and visualised.

DMARC Aggregation and Visualisation

Our platforms provide high-level insights on the different email systems sending emails with their domains and gain access to in-depth information, including which IPs are passing and failing DMARC, domain misalignment, and spoofing samples.

Managed DKIM/SPF configuration and troubleshooting

Our solutions provide advanced tools to correctly configure DKIM and SPF, as well as troubleshoot common problems in SPF/DKIM configuration, such as domain misalignment.

Detect misconfigured legitimate senders

Our analytics provide detailed information on the source of spoofing emails, including geographic and sender information, as well as samples of spoofing emails.

Protects brand and reputation

Overall it protects customer brands by ensuring that attackers cannot impersonate domains to trick clients, employees, and third parties.

O365 Security Management and Monitoring Managed Services

AMJ IT offers advanced managed solution for businesses using Microsoft 365 including the following services

  • Security baselines applied at different level (tenant level, group level)
  • Email security monitoring (Auto forwarding, DKIM, Anti Phishing policy, Spam filter policy, Malware file policy)
  • Authentication & Authorisation monitoring
  • Mobile Access policies management
  •  Audit Monitoring
  • Remote Access & Sharing Monitoring

Attack Simulations & Security Awareness Training

Our Awareness Training module empowers users to learn to spot business email compromise, impersonation attacks and other top email threats. It also provides materials, such as practice videos covering topics like malware awareness and password security. 

Incident Response

Remediate threats quickly and efficiently by automating investigative workflows and enabling direct removal of malicious emails.
AMJ IT offers fully automated, post-delivery incident response and threat-hunting capabilities as an add-on to automatically remediate email messages that contain malicious URLs or attachments.
All user-reported messages are automatically scanned for malicious content. When a threat is detected, all matching emails are moved from users’ mailboxes into their junk folders. Security teams will get an alert notifying them of an incident.
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