Secure and Reliable Cloud to Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions to keep your Google Data Safe and Compliant

Keeping you Data Safe

G Suite Backup

Are you looking to secure your critical business data hosted in the Cloud with Google? Are you looking to protect end-users data against human error, potential corruptions, viruses or other security threats? Do you want to ensure regulatory compliance with retention policies and prevent data loss?

G Suite is a Google collaborative platform and email solution used by a large number of businesses worldwide. It has a resilient highly secure and fully compliant infrastructure, but it doesn’t mean that your data is safe as it doesn’t offer backup services and once items are manually purged or auto deleted they are gone forever.

For businesses that need backup of their Cloud data hosted with Google G Suite, AMJ IT offers reliable and secure cloud to cloud backup solutions, recovery, search and archiving solutions to give you the peace of mind and continuity you need for your business by keeping your data safe and compliant.

Our G Suite backup solutions ensures business continuity. It protects critical data from loss by accidental or malicious deletion, synchronisation errors or hacking.

Our G Suite backup managed services also enable quick access to data and helps businesses remain compliant.

Our solutions offer secure storage facilities to a central location with unlimited retention. Backup can also be activated at a certain point in time for all or selected users whether it is a single file, event, email or a full restore.


Benefits of using G Suite Backup Cloud


Comprehensive Backup to the Cloud

Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks  as well as OneDrive and SharePoint online with no limitation on storage or retention

Daily and Reliable

Our solutions back up daily any changes made in your SaaS daily and securely to unlimited AMAZON S3 storage with unlimited archive retention to easily recover data from any point in time

Unlimited Retention

Your Cloud data  are kept for an unlimited period and include an unlimited archive retention to easily recover data from any point in time

Granular and Non-Destructive Restore

Our backup solutions make it easy finding individual files, events, and emails quickly through an intuitive search module. You can drill down by date or keyword to quickly locate restore specific data you need for a complete point-in-time. Our non-destructive restore allow you  to recover data without overwriting existing information

Simple and Quick Recovery

Your backed up data are immediately available at a certain point in time for quick restore or export from any point in time wherever you are and whenever you need. You can select all or selected users to activate backup in a simple click

Safe, Secure and GDPR Compliant

Our Cloud backup solutions are ISO 27001 certified, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant using Amazon S3 Secure Storage environment and AES-256 Encryption standard 

Why Backup your Google Data

 G Suite Cloud platform is a collaborative Cloud based SaaS that is intented to synchronise and share data with very limited retention facility.  G Suite is not a backup solution nor is not designed for data data recovery in case of user error, corruption, virus or ransomware.

Our G Suite Backup solutions will provide your business with a comprehensive protection of all your users data and ensure business continuity and compliance through our unlimited retention backup solutions.


Accidental deletions and data corruption

Google only retains deleted records in the recycle bin for 30 days, but once an item is automatically cleared from the recycle bin after 30 days, or manually deleted from the bin, it’s gone forever. 


Compliance requirements

Regulations including GDPR require organisations to keep a detailed and accurate  records of email, attachments, files and related information for a number of years.


External and External Security Threats

Your data could be deleted by one of your employee, corrupted, infected by a virus or compromised by a malware. 

Multiple Cloud Services One Cloud Backup Software

We offer daily, automated Cloud backup solutions for all major online services such as Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce as a reliable and comprehensive data recovery for your critical business data

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Comprehensive, Flexible and Fully Managed Cloud Backup Services So You Can Focus On Your Business

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