GEO Community Asset Management System – Street and Community Assets

Geo Community Asset Management system for street and community assets is a digital mapping software solution for the maintenance and management of all your public infrastructure assets and services.

Our GEO Community Asset product is cost effective, user friendly and helps the council members with their day to day management of assets. These can include roads, lights, structures, street works, public furniture, property maintenance, grounds, trees, cleansing, waste and further types that can be added as required.

This is ideal for Councils and Community Groups, that want to preserve, centralise, manage and locate valuable information of their community assets securely and efficiently.

Users and organisations will benefit from the GEO Community Asset system, as it efficiently manages and updates all public facilities; their specific characteristics for a safer and improved community life. It also offers a clear and comprehensive picture of the current street and community assets, their condition and maintenance schedule.

By using our GEO Community Asset, councils will be able to manage the community street network and public asset data in a single solution and optimise their communication with other councils or third parties by providing accurate and detailed information.

Our GEO Community Asset management system offers comprehensive features allowing to search, insert, display, locate and manage key public assets and ground information.

Key Features

Customisation and Drawing Features

It is very easy for the council members to set up their specific information, which will then be used by the system as a reference when using the GEO Community Asset Management. The parameters that can be customised include information on roads, verges, urban furniture, urban work, road signs, road work, open spaces, street lighting, etc.

In addition, advanced drawing features are available to the users to manage and locate their data efficiently.

There are usually several types of graphical representations of items in the GEO road and community asset management software includes: – symbols, – polygons, – lines.

Symbols can be associated with types of assets, so that each type has its own symbol. Therefore, every time a verge (for instance) is placed on the map, the associated symbol is displayed. The symbol style can be customised in order to meet the user’s requirements. It is also possible to modify some properties of the symbol, such as the shape, the colour, the rotation angle, the background and the effects (bold, italic, drop shadow).

Polygons can also be customised. In this case, the fill pattern, the foreground colour and the border can be modified. Their shape can be changed too, thanks to the use of nodes. Indeed, nodes can be added to create an entirely customised polygon with the required number of sides. This polygon can then be used to represent a specific facility on the application map. Concerning lines, the style, the colour and the width can also be modified.

Multi Criteria Search facility

The data & information stored in our GEO Road and Community Asset management system can be easily found and displayed by using multi criteria search by characteristic (type, condition, nature of the asset), description (length, width, height), time (installation between, update between) that provides the user with immediate access to key information such as list of assets, assets categories, ongoing maintenance list.

Optimised Management of Community Assets

GEO Community Assets management system allows easy update and entry of the information including inventory of public assets, locations, administrative and technical events, using the data entry use friendly interface.

It allows comprehensive management of the maintenance programming and monitoring of works. By providing a full and comprehensive inventory of the public asset elements, wear and tear follow up, planning and the prioritisation of maintenance works.

All the information recorded during field visits can be used to perform a technical review of the assets.

Captured information and maps can be printed or emailed for better internal or external communication.

Additional features in the application allow you to import pictures, send emails, print maps again for better internal or external communication, assisting the council members in their day to day tasks.

Locating items on a map

One important function of a GEO Community Asset Management System consists of pinpointing an item (for instance, bench, bus shelter, bins, verges, road work, allotment, etc.) on the map application. However, in order to make it work, some conditions have to be complied with:

  • Maps imports with geographic coordinates
  • Street names imports including their geo localisation.

Once these conditions are met, it is possible to pinpoint an item on the map by using the advanced search tool. The Item is displayed with a symbol which is easily customised and associated to its type (verge, urban furniture, urban network, structure, road sign, etc.).

It is also possible to pinpoint a street on the map by locating the map using the advanced search tool and then pinpointing it using a specific feature. This will also allow all the facilities located on the specific location to be displayed.

Looking to manage your commmunity assets on a mapping software?

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