AMJ UK GIS – Smart Digital Mapping for Councils

 Nowadays geographic information systems (GIS) are used in a wide range of domains like architecture, sustainable development, environment, town planning, urban development, landscape management, allotments, road management, emergency management, real estate, tourism etc.

At AMJ-UK, we have been developing a know how in this area for several years. We currently have two main products that we provide essentially for Councils : road and street management and cemetery management.

When implemented, these GIS products provide a high level of efficiency in day to day work and increase the reliability of the data. There is no more paper management and all the information is stored in the computer and made easily available on a map.

We also provide a full range of services around GIS, like map and data integration, 3D modeling, installation, training, and support.
If you already have a general purpose GIS, we can also provide expertise on QuantumGIS, Mapinfo and ESRI products.

If you have specific needs we can collect your requirements and provide you with a custom made GIS. These services can of course be combined with our web and mobile development skills.

Looking to manage your data on a software using mapping technology?