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IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Support

IT infrastructure refers to the hardware, software, network components and services that all together are required for the existence, management and operation of an organisation’s IT environment.

It allows a business to deliver IT solution and services to its users, partners and customers.

An organisation’s IT systems can be hosted in-house, externally to a third party provider or in the Cloud.

Keeping an IT infrastructure in line with your constantly evolving business requirements as well as up to date with technology can be very challenging. In addition, IT infrastructure also generally represent high capital investment and requires ongoing management and maintenance in order to ensure that your operational environment is optimised.

AMJ UK can offer you cost effective bespoke IT network solutions by extending your existing IT systems or replacing all or part of it. As a result, you will then be able to rely on our expertise to manage your IT and as a result you will be able to reduce your IT management and investment costs and optimise your team focus on what really matters to your business.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

it infrastructure

Office relocation
Advise, Manage and implement Office Moves

it infrastructure

IT Hardware and Sofware
Purchase, Install and Repair IT Hardware and Software

it infrastructure

Network Design and Implementation
Optimised and scalable IT Networks

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