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The business benefits of high-quality IT support

 Whatever the size of your business, whether you have a single office or operate at a number of sites, your success could depend on having a reliable London IT support partner.

The cost of IT problems can be enormous, but with effective IT support monitoring your systems, potential problems can be identified and dealt with before they happen. Whether your IT is run by an in-house team or an external partner, good IT support should be a key priority.


Effective IT support


Good IT support in London is proactive, not reactive, and supports every part of your organisation, helping you to utilise the advantages of technology more effectively. This is why many businesses choose to partner with a reputable external IT support provider, who can provide a wide range of services including:

• Analysing risks to your IT security and implementing an effective security strategy
• Boosting productivity by using IT to streamline processes
• Improving efficiency through technology
• Ensuring that you can benefit from all of the latest technological developments
• Rapid resolution of IT problems as they occur
• 24/7 support, 365 days of the year


The cost of low-quality support


Too many businesses in London tolerate poor IT support, even though it could be costing them time and money in terms of loss of efficiency and poor productivity. If a minute or two is wasted by each employee every time they use the IT infrastructure, that can soon add up, and the frustration of having to work with ineffective IT systems can negatively affect motivation and morale. And without quality IT support, you will be unable to take advantage of the business-boosting effects of the latest technology.


How to choose the best IT support partner


At AMJ, we often come across businesses that have stuck with the same IT support partner for many years, despite being unhappy with their services. This can often happen when a business grows and the initial level of IT support they agreed to is no longer sufficient. Sticking with the same IT Support Partner in those circumstances can often cost you time, money and lost opportunity.

The good news is that switching IT provider can be straightforward. A good IT company will have the capacity to quickly understand your business needs and oversee a smooth transition from your previous provider. A new IT Support Partner can also bring a fresh perspective to your business, spotting opportunities and profit-boosting improvements. 


Other ways an IT support partner can help


Great IT support is not just about responding to problems; it involves taking a holistic approach to a business and working out how technology can help improve productivity and efficiency. There are a variety of ways that an IT provider can help, and if you are considering switching to a new IT services company, check whether they offer some of these useful services:

Cybersecurity and Cyber Essentials awareness training for all of your staff and Cyber Essentials certification
• Implementation of two-factor authentication to keep sensitive data protected
• Secure file sharing system to control access to files and improve collaborative working
Onsite IT Support engineer to handle day to day IT issues
• Email security service to filter non-essential emails and guard against malware


 Advantages of Office365 


Another way that your business can benefit from technology is by making the switch to Office 365. In our experience, Office 365 can offer a wide range of benefits to any business, from increasing the productivity of your staff to cutting maintenance costs and enabling remote working (See Office 365 pricing). AMJ IT also offers as well office 365 backup fully managed servic

 AMJ is an IT support company in London and a Microsoft Certified Partner; Our expertise can help you to manage the switch to Office 365 seamlessly and efficiently, while our experience of providing reliable IT support in London enables us to offer a complete IT support service that can boost your business.

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