Proactive IT Support in London and Kent for businesses

If you’re running a small to medium-size company in London and Kent, you need reliable, trustworthy IT support. What good is all that IT infrastructure if your business suffers when it breaks down or becomes too slow?

AMJ UK has been providing the IT support London and Kent companies need, with proactive and reactive support and servicing to keep those organisations running smoothly. Businesses, charities and public organisations have all benefited from our comprehensive, professional approach.

Perhaps you’re not happy with your current IT company London or Kent based? Or your computing equipment and network have grown to a point where things keep going wrong, but you can’t justify the expense of in-house IT staff?

Why not take advantage of our free technical assessment, with no obligation?

The support we give our customers is completely tailored to their needs. As an experienced IT company Kent and London businesses benefit from AMJ UK’s maintenance agreements, which are bespoke and different for every customer. They cover every eventuality your organisation might face, allowing you to relax and concentrate on growing your business.

Support can also be carried out either at your premises or remotely, depending on the nature of the problem, so that your business is interrupted as little as possible.

Wide variety of service benefits available


Flexible services

Your IT support service is tailored to you and your organisation – we don’t operate a ‘one size fits all’ policy.

Business Continuity

Have you considered what would happen if you had a catastrophic IT failure and lost your data? Would your business survive? AMJ UK can put resilient systems in place and monitor everything to spot failures – often before they happen.

Proactive Service and Quick Response Time

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure you get help fast when you most need it.

Preventative IT Maintenance

Fixing problems when they occur is great, but looking after your IT equipment to stop it going wrong in the first place is better – less wasted time and less chance of disappointing your customers.

Dedicated, Qualified Team and Personal Service

The engineers that will be solving your problems and looking after your business are all fully qualified and have your best interests at heart.

Have your own dedicated IT department

Having AMJ UK on your side is like having your own IT department without the cost. Your IT systems and network are cared for and your staff’s IT issues dealt with, quickly and efficiently. We’re on hand at any time to advise on IT equipment and services too.

Your IT maintenance agreement will suit your business, with all the monitoring, backup and support your business needs. There’ll be no extras you don’t need and the costs will be clear and transparent.

AMJ UK provides the best IT services London and Kent can offer. If you think you deserve the best, contact us now for a free technical assessment and we’ll see how we can help you.

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