Software Solutions to fit your business requirements

From business requirements analysis through to technical and conceptual documentation and design, from development through to testing, delivery and maintenance, our team of experts will manage each stage of the development process in house to deliver an application in line with your business within time and budget.

Assisting your Business at every stage of your project

Assisting customers to define their business and users requirements

icon-1252The first step of our projects will always start with a requirements gathering process. During that stage, our team of experts will be working on understanding our customers’ business requirements and applying the best possible technology and technical solution to achieve their goals.

Requirements management and analysis techniques will be used to ensure the business and users requirements as well as the business processes and priorities are captured and reflected in our solution. We have worked in a wide range of sectors and have very good experience in defining, scoping and writing specifications and have partnered many companies to assist them at all the stages of their software development project, from concept through to realisation.

Software development including design, coding, testing, and software rollout.

technology (1)We are passionate about developing applications that improve our clients’ businesses. We take our clients’ unique requirements and use our expert and wide ranging software development knowledge to present the most efficient and effective software solution.

We develop an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business processes and procedures to develop software that perfectly fits the unique characteristics of their business. We have vast experience of developing client-server, desktop, mobile and web based applications through a variety of development languages.

During the design and development stage, our team of specialists will work on developing an in-depth understanding of your specific business requirements. We will then convert this into effective computer programming that delivers a final product that is easily integrated into your business.

To ensure prompt support in case of problems encountered while using the software.

icon-75784AMJ UK have great experience and expertise in the maintenance and testing of software applications which have been developed either by ourselves, or a third party company. We have provided testing and maintenance services for a wide variety of different software applications.

This process consists of detecting anomalies and then correcting them either on site or remotely. Having this expert analysis of your applications allows updates and improvements to be made in order to ensure you are maximising the potential utility of your software applications.

Through this process we are also likely to propose updates to the development in order to adapt the application to the client’s new requirements and business environment development.

Our software maintenance services offer our clients:

  • A swift expert response to any issues in order to provide business continuity for applications which are often of fundamental importance
  • The expertise to be able to make changes should the business requirements change

Areas of Expertise

Our projects involve using a wide range of technologies to deliver development for businesses in various sectors, including trade, services, logistics, transport and more.

  • Business Analysis 100% 100%
  • Design 100% 100%
  • Web development 65% 65%
  • Mobile Development 15% 15%
  • Client-Server development 20% 20%
  • JAVA 55% 55%
  • PHP 80% 80%
  • .NET 50% 50%
  • CMS (WordPress, Drupal, SPIP) 60% 60%

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