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Microsoft 365 Business 

How Microsoft 365 can help your business

If you run a business, you are always on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency, cut costs and boost revenue, and modern technology can help you achieve that.

One of the most effective pieces of software for modern businesses is Office365 for Business. It provides a host of benefits and, when combined with Microsoft SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Office 365 app, it creates a dynamic and effective communication and file-sharing system. Here are the top five ways in which Microsoft 365 can help your business to grow and thrive:

Microsoft 365 – Stronger security

Security is a major priority for the modern business as there are many threats, ranging from cyber-attacks to fraud that can threaten the integrity of your IT systems. In addition, failing to properly protect communications and customer data could have major legal and reputational implications.

By making SharePoint and OneDrive a key part of your IT system, you can significantly boost your operational security. This technology enables teams to share information without risking the loss of sensitive data, while running your communications through one integrated system will cut your exposure to cyber-attack, and enable you to ensure all staff are complying with security policy. 

And because Office 365 is in the cloud, all upgrades are handled automatically, so you’ll always have access to the latest version, and compatibility issues are a thing of the past.

Combined with a Cloud to Cloud Office 365 Cloud backup, it is also very reliable and fully compliant.

Microsoft 365 – Easy collaboration

Office 365 makes collaboration easy as anyone who needs to edit or contribute to a file or documents will have access to the same version, while multi-party HD, calendar sharing, and team chat ensures that everyone is always on the same page. You will also have access to handy tools such as Microsoft Teams, which allows you to tailor your collaborations.

Microsoft 365 – Straightforward information sharing

Effective and speedy information sharing is one of the keys to better collaboration, and Microsoft 365 is full of useful features that make it easy to share data. Alerts can focus users on the key information, and access to systems like Microsoft CRM is straightforward. Microsoft 365 also gives you the ability to create personalised dashboards, while updates are maintained in a single document, removing the version control issues that are often associated with keeping your files on a server.

Microsoft 365 – Save money with Office 365

As Office 365 is a subscription service, there are no upfront costs, just a regular monthly or annual fee, which gives you more control over the service you are paying for, as you can stop paying for services you don’t need at any time. With SharePoint and OneDrive there is no need to take on the expense of separate data storage and cloud services, and you will also save money by having a simpler, streamlined operating system that is easier to maintain.

Another cost benefit is scalability. Office 365 is designed to match your needs as your business changes in size. You can mix and match the services you need and use as you grow, and this easy scalability means your staff can continue to use the IT tools they are familiar with.

Microsoft 365 – Productivity boost

 With SharePoint and OneDrive, you can automate and streamline many of your essential services, bringing together the ability to transfer data, keep track of information, and collaborate on projects and cutting out wasteful delays. Tools like Microsoft Flow and PowerApps also give you the ability to tailor your systems to the needs of your staff, boosting productivity and profitability.

AMJ IT can also provide IT Support on your Office 365 Platform ensuring your IT Cloud network infrastructure is always optimised. Whether your need IT Support in London or IT Support in Kent our team of dedicated IT engineers will be happy to help.

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