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How Office 365 app Microsoft Teams can boost your business

Office 365 Microsoft Teams helps boost your business by offering a comprehensive communication platform.

In the modern digital economy, businesses are always looking out for new technology that can boost their operations, and one of the most interesting options is Microsoft Teams.

Office 365 app such as Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft Office 365 subscription package. It’s a Microsoft cloud business application that works by integrating all forms of communication, bringing together all of your people and the tools they need for effective collaborative working and remote working, and through Microsoft SharePoint hub sites, Microsoft Teams also facilitates file storage.

Let’s take a look at how Microsoft Teams can help your business be more connected.


Teams Communication


Office 365 app Microsoft Teams makes it possible for your employees to chat privately through instant messaging, or to take part in team conversations. Using this feature, one ‘team’ can include as many as 5,000 individuals, and all chats can be read by anyone else in the team. In addition, team members can share secure documents, and you can also designate one manager to set up the teams and to ensure that documents are only accessible by people who are entitled to see them.



Voice and Video Chat

 Microsoft Teams provides options for voice calls including over 200 people at a time. The software features an extensive call group functionality, with external calls simply routed through the Microsoft Teams system using SIP Trunks. By using Teams for all your business communication, you can eliminate the need for handsets, as it works with headsets and mobile devices.

You can also easily utilise video conferencing with Microsoft Teams, which offers the ability to collaborate on the same document and to screen share while taking part in the conference.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Another useful feature of Microsoft Teams is that it enables the integration of Microsoft SharePoint, giving all your staff access to files and documents through the Teams platform, which enables secure and effective document collaboration and management.

Hub sites are also an effective way of bringing together SharePoint and Teams resources. For instance, if your organisation operates across a number of countries, a Hub site makes it possible to group SharePoint and Microsoft Teams together, ensuring brand consistency.

Integrated Working

One of the strengths of Microsoft Teams for business is that it integrates the entire catalogue of Microsoft Office 365 applications into one teamwork hub, so that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI and Delve are all available to your people. And, it is also possible to integrate other applications such as Evernote, Survey Monkey and Trello.

Control your Calendar 


Microsoft Teams for business gives you the ability to control your diary as it integrates your Outlook calendar and gives you the facility to arrange meetings. You can also include a Teams meeting link when you invite individuals to a meeting, so they can simply click on the link to participate.


Safe and Secure Communication

Security is of vital importance in the modern business world, and Microsoft Teams offers effective security and compliance capabilities, with full data encryption. The platform supports the range of essential security compliance standards such as EU Model Clauses, ISO 27001, SOC 2 and HIPAA. In addition, the data in Microsoft Teams is stored at a secure UK-based Microsoft data centre.


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