Not long after the release of Windows 10 that generated strong interest, Microsoft has launched this month the new version of its Office productivity software for Windows PC users and represent the first major update of Office since 2013.

Office 2016 software will provide the users with the latest insights of office suite application including Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note.

Since the launch of their Cloud services a few years ago with Office365, Microsoft focuses on mobile and cloud friendly features allowing the users to work simultaneously and have their files synchronised to OneDrive Cloud storage service.

Office 2016 has also a “Tell Me” new search tool available in Word, Power Point and Excel and allowing looking for answers or locating features that cannot be found.

Touchscreen features have also been added to the new application; however, it will still be best suited to a traditional PC for optimal productivity.

Other improvements such as version history, grammar checker, power pivot have also been added.

In summary, many features have been optimised and added but the user will still be able to locate his familiar function in the place they would expect by located the ribbon menu at the top.

Now you know briefly about the new Office 2016, you may ask yourself: Do I need to upgrade Office 2016?

Although Microsoft has been pushing for an update of the licenses it isn’t compulsory to upgrade and in some cases we would advise to wait and ensure that other applications are compatible with the latest release. Also, using recent version of Office will not affect your work in any way. For users using Office 365, a free upgrade will be provided as part of the service, but once again, speak to your IT services providers beforehand.

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