Office365 The perfect Cloud solution for your business

Are you running an old email exchange server? Are you looking to upgrade with no upfront costs? Are you looking at a scalable IT infrastructure to collaborate for ease of use, that support your business growth without making extensive IT investments? Are you looking for a reliable solution to access your data securely from anywhere and at anytime when on the move?

For business users who need email services and to share information in real time, AMJ UK offers a comprehensive and cost effective Miscrosoft Cloud based email collaboration service called “Office 365”. 

Office365 provides a reliable, secure and adapted collaborative working environment alllowing users to work together easily by accessing email, web conferencing, office applications, and calendars through the internet.

AMJ UK team of Microsoft specialists will work alongside your organisation and offer a tailored installation, configuration and technical support of Office365.


How it works

Microsoft Office365 is a platform delivered through the cloud, which allows users to work together easily by accessing a wide range of features such as email, calendars, web conferencing and office applications.

Office365 Cloud services are hosted by Microsoft and is designed to offer your business more flexibility when working by having a secure access to your business files from any compatible device and any location.

Office365 manages your emails and your office applications, which includes the popular Word, Excel and Outlook etc. Whether you are a small business, charity or a public organisation, there is an office 365 package designed to fit your activities.

Key Benefits

Cost effective

Flexible monthly plans are available to customers, allowing them to access the most up-to-date Microsoft tools via the Cloud at a fixed monthly cost.

Anytime, Anywhere access

Office 365 allows business users to connect from anywhere using the device of their choice to view their emails and access other collaboration tools.

Reliable and fully supported services

Office 365 is fully supported by our team of experts and provide a 99.9% uptime commitment with a financially-backed SLA (Service Level Agreement) from Microsoft.



Microsoft has applied the highest security standards to Microsoft 365 ensuring full protection and privacy of your data. Also by storing your data on Office 365, it helps eliminate any backup worries and gives you access to your data securely anytime anywhere.

User Friendly

The email and collaboration available retains the main features and interfaces from Microsoft’s main Office products. This makes it very easy for existing and new users to become productive quickly.

Migrating to the Cloud

AMJ UK is a Microsoft partner with our aim to, transform and empower your business. We help you migrate and maintain Office 365 seamlessly with no disruptions and no delays. We have the expertise in migrating previous systems to Office 365, whether it’s for SME’s, schools, councils to non-profit charities. We can help you make an informed decision on the right subscription package to match your requirements. Our dedicated and ongoing support team will be right behind you every step of the way.

AMJ UK projects for Office 365 will consist the following steps:

  • Analysing your requirements
  • Migration Project Planning
  • Compliance of your options and archiving advice on emails
  • Portal and Active Directory Synchronisation
  • Directory integration
  • Single sign on options
  • Project Implementation
  • User configuration and customisation
  • User data migration
  • Security management
  • Training & Support

If you are thinking on moving to Office 365 or you would like more information, please do contact us through our contact form or give us a call on 01233 663205.


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