Office IT Relocation in London and Kent – What to look for regarding your IT when moving offices

Moving to new premises should be something to look forward to, but it can appear very daunting for the ones in charge of such project. Indeed, an office move needs to be carefully planned and prepared for as otherwise it could cause serious disruption to your business. From an IT perspective, ensuring that your IT works in the new office when your staff are back at work, can be achieved by applying the following guideline:

  1. Assess your current business needs – The first step would consist in identifying what you need from a business premises on a short, medium and long term basis, ensuring that you choose the right office and location for your business.
  2. Identify a Project Manager and a Team – It is key to identify a project manager that will be in charge of planning and managing the office IT relocation and work alongside the team or third party providers that will be involved in the project. Clear communication including objectives and deliverables on what is expected from the move will need to be made so the Project Management can start working alongside these.
  3. Inform your IT Support company in charge of maintaining your IT network that your will be moving and involve them at every step of the project. They will assist and guide you through the whole process, providing assistance on the first day when the staff is back in the office to make sure there are no glitches.
  4. List all the current equipment used in the current office, such as telecoms, internet etc. In order to ensure that an equivalent working environment is set up taking new requirements that would help your business work more efficiently
  5. Ensure that you produce a detailed floor plan of the new offices detailing the workstations, computers, printers, communications room, data and power points so you can replicate an optimised work environment providing your users with an easy access to the services and equipment they need on a day to day basis
  6. Check that you have enough power points, data switches, phone lines, internet and that they have been tested and activated prior to the move.
  7. Identify who will be moving the IT equipment taking into account tasks such as equipment disconnection, packing, move, unpacking, re-connection and testing into the new premises.

Above all, the best tip to carry out a successful IT move for your business it to appoint the right professionals that will guide you through the process and optimise your time and money through effective planning.

AMJ IT has extensive experience in offering office IT relocation services in London and Kent including project planning, requirements identification, cabling, IT Architecture design, with installation and testing. We have been providing IT Support in London and Kent for many years and can assist you with all aspect of your IT requirements.

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