AMJ IT Cloud Backup Safe – Comprehensive and secure Online backup of your data

More and more businesses have critical data, which would be disastrous if it was lost or compromised.  With AMJ UK’s Cloud Backup services, your business will be fully protected with your files and folders.  You will be able to access your information wherever you are and also restore them quickly if the worst was to happen.

For organisations that need critical data backed up, AMJ UK are here to help with reliable and secure online backup service called AMJ IT CLOUD BACKUP SAFE. Our unique solution includes a tailored installation, configuration and technical support of the solution by our team of technical experts to give you the peace of mind and continuity you need to develop your business.

Cloud Backup Safe benefits

Our AMJ IT Cloud Backup Safe products provide businesses of all sizes with a reliable and secure alternative to traditional backup methods. AMJ IT Cloud Backup Safe will allow your business to “off-site” a backup of your data to highly secure data centres located in the UK.

Data is stored centrally and securely, meaning that you can restore your data back to almost any device on demand.  As the product is central, the backup features can be fully customised to your business requirements.

AMJ IT Cloud backup safe uses advanced replication software allowing incremental replication of the existing data and as a result minimal transfer over the internet is required. This solution is ideal for companies with high volume of data but with slow internet connections.

The administration of your backup is maintained by our team of technicians that will configure and manage your back up from a central web interface. More specifically, our team will set up a backup schedule tailored to your own specifications and will be monitoring the success or failure of the backup to ensure ongoing integrity of your data.

Our online backup solution can be installed on a server, Network Attached Storage (NAS) as well as end users’ machines in order to ensure proper backup of the data produced on each local machine.

Security Guaranties

The data centres comply with the following standards: ISO9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO/IEC 27001:2005

All data is encrypted before being sent to the data centre using the AES 128bit standard.

AMJ UK also offer other cloud-based services alongside backup, which includes Hosted Servers, Office 365, SharePoint Online and many more.  For more information, please see contact our cloud experts to get up and running onto the cloud.

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