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Proactive IT Support

The Preventative Benefits of IT support

No matter what the size of your organisation, there will always be IT issues to attend to. But the best IT support providers don’t just tackle short-term problems. Some issues develop over time, and that’s why AMJ’s proactive IT maintenance aims to eliminate these problems before they become serious. 

Some routine administrative tasks, such as patching, disk cleaning and updates, can be as disruptive to the smooth running of your organisation as any fault or outage. Proactive IT support can ensure that these routine processes take place at a time that is convenient for your organisation.

At AMJ, we aim to resolve potential problems at an early stage with our comprehensive proactive IT support service and our free technical assessment. We believe that this approach sets us apart from other providers. Over 30 per cent of our IT support team’s time is spent on proactive work to anticipate problems, working with clients to maximise uptime by streamlining processes, and managing essential network updates and tasks.


Proactive IT Support benefits


Our preventative service provides the information you need to enable you to make better decisions on your IT infrastructure, from license renewals to security planning.


It also reduces the risk and costs associated with IT issues, by carrying out regular maintenance to spot potential problems, and by analysing your IT infrastructure to help you to find efficiencies.


It keeps your IT records up to date, enabling us to provide quick fixes in the event of IT problems, ensuring minimal IT-downtime.


The AMJ proactive IT support service includes the following features:


• pre-scheduled remote sessions or onsite visits to suit your needs
• IT system health checks
• Management of security and IT patches
• Trends analysis of help desk data
• IT reviews and audits
• Recommendations for best IT practice

• Downtime minimisation
• Upkeep of effective IT documentation
• Effective maintenance
• Network monitoring
• IT planning assistance
• Analysis of IT assets and free technical assessment


We can deliver our proactive IT support service through on-premises interaction, remotely through the cloud or by utilising a hybrid infrastructure. Our service includes:


Network checks


The integrity of your network is essential to your IT system, so our Proactive General Maintenance approach takes care of all of these important checks:


• Switch and router health
• Firewall protection reviews
• Internet connection speed maximisation
• Wi-Fi security reviews


Server Maintenance and Care


Whatever type of server set up you have, our engineers will carry out the following:


• Checking for fault patterns in event logs
• Ensuring backups are functioning properly
• Review hardware functionality
• Carry out updates and patching
• Ensure disk space is sufficient


Workstation Checks


On a day to day basis, PC and laptop problems can cause significant downtime. That’s why our proactive IT support service includes common IT maintenance, including:


• PC disk space checks
• Ensure implementation of updates
• Anti-virus checks and malware scans
• Improve performance through cache clearance
• Review hardware for potential problems


Other checks and planning issues


AMJ will also review how IT solutions can make your organisation more efficient, from dealing with individual user problems to helping your business develop an IT roadmap for the future. Our planning support can help to make your IT system more flexible, scalable and future proof.

As an experienced IT company operating in London and Kent, we are able to provide the complete Proactive General Maintenance service. For details of our proactive services and our range of other IT support options, please contact us today.


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