Optimising your Online Presence and Sales Results

SEO and Online Marketing 

Optimising your online presence and Sales results

Setting up a Successfull Online Marketing Campaign for your website

Because simply having a website is not enough to reach your target audience, AMJ will work with your organisation to convert your online objectives into sales results.
A first step will consist in analysing your web traffic in order to elaborate a sales strategy and action plan for your business online.

Our analysis will include the following steps:

Link Popularity Analysis

How many links are pointing to your web site and how effective are they? This is followed by recommendations for improving or expanding your web site’s link popularity.

Search Engine Friendly Analysis

Our analysis will point out what is working on your web site and what could be improved.

Website Analysis Review

How well does your web site function for converting visitors to buyers/leads. Web site analytics can be incredibly complex and can provide a great deal of insight into the inner workings of your web site. The goal will be to create a plan for improving your web site’s ability to make you money.

Keywords Research

What keywords is your web site currently ranking for. This analysis will probe the rankings you may have and determine whether the keywords you have chosen to promote are actually searched for by your target market. Our summary will include recommended changes or additions to your keywords, as applicable.

Competitors Comparative Review

This step is to analyse how you stack up to your competitors. We will determine what tactics your web site should adopt that your competitors have successfully employed. In addition we may outline the advantages your web site currently has over your competitors.

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