Server monitoring in Kent and London

Because servers are critical to your business, AMJ UK provides 24/7 server monitoring services for businesses in Kent and London. This will help your organisation to stay on top of server outages and performance and optimise your IT environment.

Our services include in depth checks of the key performance indicators including disk, CPU usage, network usage, and processes for your server.

Automated reports and alerts will be put in place in order to inform our technical teams of any downtime or issues with your server.

Having full visibility on how your server is operating will also help to take informed decision and adjust the configurations according to your evolving business and IT requirements.

Key benefits:

  • Accurate 24/7 monitoring
  • Instant alerts
  • Regular performance and availability reports

Combined with an IT support and Maintenance cover, our team will adopt a proactive approach at all-time ensuring that relevant actions are taken in order to solve or prevent any IT issues using our server monitoring tool ensuring as a result optimised usability and performance of your IT network.

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