The AMJ Group founded in 1986 and headquartered in Paris, is an IT services company with in depth expertise in Geographic Information Systems technologies. Our team of GIS specialists have developed for over 10 years a range of products (Geosoft) using powerful and accurate mapping technologies.

From cemeteries to land management systems and networks to roadway management systems, our products are capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing, and displaying geographically-referenced information.

These tools are designed for the use of the councils to allow the users to create interactive queries that analyze the spatial information and edit data. They have been developed and constantly improved over the years. Today, our Geosoft’s GIS software are widely distributed in France and are now greatly used by over 700 District/Borough and Parish/Town councils all around France.

AMJ is now hitting the UK market with its AMJ UK branch and launches its Geosoft software to offer councils in the UK a complete solution, ensuring a perfect integration of our GIS products within your work environment. Our services include, installation, maintenance and training and user support.

Our GIS road management software (Geo road management) is an application that uses MapInfo, a multi-layered Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping facility, covering technical and administration management. It is use to collect, store, analyse and display data of the council’s road network and road assets.

Within one or two clicks you have access to information such as: detailed description of different portions of the roadways, information related to the maintenance works or road assets and state that can be entered within the database, follow up its state and planned maintenance works by order of priority, set up and manage road inventory (street lighting, signal, roundabout, etc)

Alternative solutions exist regarding how cemeteries can and should be manage, why using paper maps when you can use a powerful cemetery managing tool.

Our GIS cemetery management software (Geo cemetery) is a must have for all councils dealing with cemeteries and wanting to ease their research process and make their management more fluent.

It allows you to:

  • Store quantity of data on the map, display and manage information of the cemetery such as who is the owner, who is buried on which site, places available…
  • Quick search all relevant information through layers and in the wink of an eye you will be updated on: specific grave, concession, lease’s year.
  • Print a map that identifies exact burial and memorial location.
  • Produce documents such as invoices, reminders, list of unpaid concessions, deadlines, ect…
  • Capacity planning like feasibility, maintenance, re use, re development, transfers, changes.