Windows 10 is out and is already a month old. A lot of people would say that Windows 10 version should have been what Windows 8 is now.

So, what have we learnt since it’s release and how useful are the new features. We will do a quick overview of the 5 main features to give you a better insight on the latest operating system.

1. Start Menu

Microsoft decided to kill off the start button in its previous operating system Windows 8, which a lot of users did not approve of. This was then introduced back in Windows 8.1. It is now back in Windows 10 as the full front of using the operating system.

2. Cortana

Cortana is what Siri is to Apple, but is part of the operating system in all devices instead of just the mobile device. Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant that learns about you and your habits, which is useful when using Calendar’s etc.

3. Edge Browser

Edge Browser has replaced the once leading browser in the market Internet Explorer. This new browser has been built from scratch, which is light, clean and easy to use. It allows users to save web pages at a click of button or a tap on a screen.

Cortana is also embedded to Spartan, which helps you navigate the web even easily. We will have to wait a bit longer to see if this is popular as the other leading browsers.

4. Continuum Mode

Microsoft still believes that one operating system for all devices is the way forward, from desktops to mobile devices. In previous attempts this was implemented but was not a great user experience. With Windows 10, applications are optimised the interface depending on which type of machine you’re on. This is very similar to a responsive website.

5. It’s Free

Last thing of all is that Windows 10 is free for users running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, as long as they’re not enterprise users.

Before you carry out an upgrade, there are a number of things to take into account. Please contact one of our sales team at AMJ IT and we can help you guide through the process.

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