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IT Support tips to upgrade Issues and  to resolve them!

It has been a year since Windows 10 has been launched back on the 29th July 2015.  As standard with Microsoft, the deadline to upgrade to Windows 10 at no extra cost to existing Windows 7 and 8 users was only for 1 year, with the official deadline on the 29th July 2016 with the offer. However, although the deadline has passed, upgrades are currently still free!

Over the past year we have received a number of IT support enquiries with many different scenarios.  With this article we would like to iron out some of the most common issues that our IT support clients face when upgrading to Windows 10.

A quick checklist beforehand would be to check if you eligible please check Microsoft’s minimum requirements list. Once done also make sure your data is all backed up and saved.

1 – Upgrade Will Not Run

The most common issue is the failure to run the upgrade itself, even after its compatible approved.  Suggestion is to the update anyway, you can have Windows Update download any new drivers for the devices inside your PC.

Check the updates after you have upgraded, go to Start, Settings, then Update and Security. Click on Check for Updates.

2 – Can’t Find Your Windows Key

A complete new fresh install requires the product key from the existing version of Windows that is on the PC. For Windows 7 or Windows 8 look for a sticker somewhere on your PC.

3 – Your Programs Are Gone

Once the upgrade has finished, users can install the missing program again. Note that it was removed because Microsoft determined it wouldn’t work after the upgrade. You may find that after reinstalling it, it doesn’t work correctly.

For more information about Windows 10 for business, contact one of our experts at AMJ UK.

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